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Business Opportunity

Authentic Brussels and Liège Wafels from an authentic Belgian Chef and Baker, Kris Vermeiren.

A proven concept in selected venues across the Philippines and in two Brussels Bistros in Cebu City.

Riding the wave of a growing market

  • Fast food outlets likely to see higher growth value in the next years, particularly in metro cities like Cebu and Manila.
  • Innovation and quality are key drivers in food service.
  • Consumers are interested in new and authentic experiences.
  • Growing demand for organic food.
  • Convenience and proximity drives modern retail outlets.

Unique opportunity

  • A wide choice and variety of authentic Brussels and Liège Wafels.
  • The service – all staff is well trained and can give consumers the origins of the products served.
  • The setting is warm and inviting.


Share the heritage

Brussels waffles are prepared with an egg-white-leavened or yeast-leavened batter, traditionally an ale yeast; occasionally both types of leavening are used together. They are lighter, crisper and have larger pockets compared to other European waffle varieties, and are easy to differentiate from Liège Waffles by their rectangular sides. In Belgium, most waffles are served warm by street vendors and dusted with confectioner's sugar, though in tourist areas they might be topped with whipped cream, soft fruit or chocolate spread. Variants of the Brussels waffles – with whipped and folded egg whites cooked in large rectangular forms – date from the 18th century. However, the oldest recognized reference to "Gaufres de Bruxelles" (Brussels Waffles) by name is attributed from 1842/43 to Florian Dacher, a Swiss baker in Ghent, Belgium.

The Liège waffle is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle. Native to the greater Wallonia region of Eastern Belgium – and alternately known as gaufres de chasse (hunting waffles) – they're an adaptation of brioche bread dough, featuring chunks of pearl sugar which caramelize on the outside of the waffle when baked. It is the most common type of waffle available in Belgium and prepared in plain, vanilla and cinnamon varieties by street vendors across the country.


We are in this together – you are investing in a well-organized concept, you are fully supported as to maximize your potential return and profit

  • You need an entrepreneurial spirit
  • You need a passion for hospitality and people
  • Experience in hospitality or local real estate is a benefit


Our support

Pre-opening support

  • Site selection
  • Lay-out and design
  • Marketing material
  • Staff training
  • Localization of the Wafels & More concept

Opening support

  • Hiring staff
  • Onsite training
  • Launch day support

Post opening support

  • Quality audit
  • Sales performance evaluation
  • Central purchasing
  • Local store digital marketing

Location and design

  • Wafels&More is located in prime locations in malls, shopping centers, prime event locations and tourist areas.
  • Standard sizes from 20 to 30m2

A smart investment

  • Investments range from 300,000 up to 500,000 PHP initially.
  • Return on Investments are 12% minimal and can go up to +20% per year.

Our 10 steps towards success

  • Interest expressed
  • Executed Application Form
  • Letter of Intent signed
  • Site selection
  • Execution of final agreements
  • Build up of the point of sale
  • Staffing and training
  • Pre-opening dry run on site
  • Opening
  • Post-opening support